What Are The Best Tasting Protein Powder? Find out!

Today we bring you a list of the best tasting protein powder. Let’s be honest, we know that sometimes protein powders can be extremely┬átasteless but we took our time to make a list to save time for those of you looking for a good tasting, high quality protein powder.

We didn’t make this list only thinking about the flavor of the protein powder, we also made sure that these products meet certain quality standards, all this protein powders are tasteful and high quality.

What kind of protein tastes better?

As you may (or may not) now, nowadays we have a large list of different types of protein powders. Each of them are slightly different and are made with difference sources of protein, so each category tastes different.

Beside that, there are lots of different protein brands and this can confuse you even more, so we’ll try our best to make it simple for you to pick a all-round good tasting protein powder.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is by far the most sold protein powder on the market. It’s people favorite because it’s the best tasting, highest quality and sometimes it’s the most affordable.

This kind of protein is derived from milk but some of them can be used by lactose-sensitive people.

Whey Concentrate – This is the most common whey protein being sold. It contains a little bit of carbs and fats that can help you feel more full after you take them. This kind of protein is a little bit thicker if you compare it to the others, but if you like thick protein shakes (like I do), then whey concentrate will be your best option.

Whey Isolate – This is a little bit more expensive variation of whey protein. It’s fat free and contain little to no carbs. Is designed for those people who just want protein for the protein shakes and don’t need the extra carbs or fat. I don’t really like this kind of protein powder because is to thin in my opinion and as I said above, I like thick shakes. But don’t get me wrong, they both can taste delicious.

Casein Protein

This one is also a derivative from milk like whey protein. But the main difference between whey and casein is that whey is absorbed really quickly by your body whilst casein takes a little more time to digest thus you feel full for a longer period of time.

Pick your favorite flavor!

The are a lot of well known flavors such as cookies and cream (yum!), chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. But you can also find more “exotic” flavors such as mocha cappuccino, root beer float, etc.

Below you can find a list of the best tasting protein powders organized by their flavor. All of them were tasted by us and all of them passed our tasting test, so they all taste awesome!

Cookies and Cream


Cookies and cream is by far my favorite flavor, and some of the protein powders I’ve tried tasted like heaven, I listed the top 3 cookies and cream proteins, they are the following:

Gaspari Nutrition
Dymatize ISO100
Optimum Nutrition
Tasting Score (from 1 to 10)988.5
More InformationMore InformationMore Information



My second favorite flavor has to be chocolate. I’m not really a chocolate kind of guy but when it comes to protein powders, I really like the taste of the ones listed below:

Optimum Nutrition
CytoSport Complete
Tasting Score (from 1 to 10)898.5
More InformationMore InformationMore Information


To be honest, vanilla is not my thing either but I managed to try a bunch of vanilla protein powders and these were the results:

Optimum Nutrition
Dymatize Nutrition
Tasting Score (from 1 to 10)7.587
More InformationMore InformationMore Information


As you saw, there are a couple of proteins that are really taste, I tried over 50 (with help of friends, of course) and the best ones were those nine protein powders above.

If you want me to pick a single brand for the best “tastiness” I’ll go with Gaspari Nutrition Probiotic Series. All their flavors are really, really tasty and when you make your shakes with milk they taste like heaven!

Do you have any favorite protein powder? Answer in the comment section below!

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